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  Phaleristische Monographien Band 5 [Phaleristic Monographs Volume 5].

Adler, Lars:
Die Ordensstiftungen der Markgrafen von Baden 1584-1803. - Adlige Korporationen im Spiegel fürstlicher Landespolitik.
[The Foundations of Orders of Chivalry of the Markgraves of Baden 1584-1803. - Noble Corporations as a Reflection of Princely Territorial Politics.]
Offenbach am Main 2008.
In German language, size 24.5 x 17 cm, 472 pages with 88 illustrations, mostly in colour, hard cover.

New price! Excellent and voluminous historical doctoral thesis! Available again! 29,80 €

Volle, Henning:
Badens Orden.
[The Orders of Baden.]
Freiburg 1976.
In German language, size 29,5 x 21 cm, 188 pages plus 1 colour and 23 black and white photo plates, card cover.

Antiquarian title in good condition! 75,00 €


Volle, Henning (in cooperation with Rainer von Boekh and Michael Autengruber):
Hermann Gottlob Freiherr von Greiffenegg-Wolffurt (1773–1847) und die Geschichte der Familie Tröndlin von Greiffenegg über nahezu 500 Jahre.
[Hermann Gottlob Freiherr von Greiffenegg-Wolffurt (1773–1847) and the History of the Familiy Tröndlin von Greiffenegg for nearly 500 Years.]
Self-published by Reiner von Boekh, Mainz 2020.
In German language, size 24 x 20 cm, 99 and 18 pages, illustrated throughout in colour and in black and white.

A well illustrated booklet on the Austrian colonel Hermann Gottlob Freiherr von Greiffenegg-Wolffurt, a chargé d’affaires, spy and adventurer during the Napoleonic wars, his orders and decorations and heraldic achievements, and a history on his ancestors and their castles, and on his family.
17,00 €

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