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Lapinsh, Catherine (Ed.):
Materials of the XI European Conference of Phaleristic Societies.
Tallinn 2018.
In English language, size 21 x 15 cm, 88 pages, illustrated throughout in colour, card cover.

The conference was organized by the Tallin Museum of Order of Knighthood in Tallin. The booklet contains the illustrated presentations held by Catherine Lapinsh, Stephen Patterson, Liudmilla Gawrilova, Lidia Dobrovolskaja, Guy Deploige, Lars Stevnsborg, Antti Ruokonnen and Pavol Marciš.
Very interesting booklet! 14,80 €

Mussel, John W. (Hg.):
The Token Book of Militarisms - A Compendium of Abbreviations, Synonyms, Acronyms and Slangwords as used by the Armed Forces of the World.
Axminster 1995.
160 pages, card cover.

2,80 €


Henning, Eckart, and Herfurth, Dietrich:
Orden und Ehrenzeichen - Handbuch der Phaleristik.
[Orders and Decorations - Handbook of Phaleristics.]
Cologne 2010.
In German language, Size 24 x 17 cm, 363 pages, with 463 mostly coloured illustrations, hard cover.

Now available! 49,90 €

Mericka, Václav:
Das Buch der Orden und Auszeichnungen.
[The Book of Orders and Decorations.]
Hanau 1976.
In German language, 252 pages, illustrated, including 32 colour plates, hardcover.

The author describes the evolution of orders and decorations from the Middle Ages until present time. He enters into the construction of the decorations and medals, the ways of their manufacturing, their bestowals and ways of wearing, the order uniforms, etc. The book closes with a list on the devices of the orders and with an other contain-ing all ordres of the world.
New price! Second hand standard reference book! 14,80 €

Mericka, Vaclav:
Orden und Auszeichnungen.
[Orders and Awards.]
Prague 1966.
In German language, 330 pages including 195 colour and black and white plates, hard cover.

This first great work of the famous czech phaleristic expert gives a volouminous and comprehensive introduction into the system of awards of the states and its historical evolution. With an enourmous illustrative documentation with pieces partly of historical importance of the Czech museums (National Museum Prague, Military Historical Musem Prague, Public Collection Orlic Palace, Public Collection Nahod Palace) and of several important private collections, the historical evolution is shown in an excellent way.
Excellent antiquarian standard title! 14,80 €

Scharfenberg, Gerd, and Thiede, Guenter:
Lexikon der Ordenskunde - Von Adlerschild bis Zitronenorden.
[Encyclopaedia of Phaleristics - From Adlerschild to Zweiselkreuz.]
Regenstauf 2010.
In German language, size 24 x 17 cm, 648 pages, with numerous colour illustrations, hard cover.
Every science has its own language. For a long time the one of phaleristics was nearly unknown, as they were only considered as a part of numismatics. This encyclopaedia tries to account for as many phaleristic terms as possible and to explain them.
New reduced price! 19,90 €


  Klassiker der Phaleristik Band XX [Classics of Phaleristics Volume XX].

Aue, Kurt von der:
Das Ritterthum und die Ritter=Orden, oder Historisch-kritische Darstellung der Entstehung des Ritterthums und vollständige Berschreibung aller bestehender Ritterorden, für Freunde der Geschichte alter und neuer Zeit.
[The Chivalry and the Orders of Chivalry, or Historical-Critical Representation of the Origin of Chivalry and complete Decritption of all existing Orders of Chivalry, for Friends of History of the old and new Times.]
Reprint Offenbach 2000 of the edition Merseburg 1825.
In German language, size 30 x 21 cm, 240 pages, hard cover.

A book on the orders of knighthood existing in the first quarter of the 19th century in Europe.
19,80 €


Orden auf königlichem Porzellan.
[Orders on Royal Porcelaine.]
Eichenzell 2013.
In German language, size A 4, 240 pages, illustrated throughout in colour, card cover.

Abundantly illustrated catalogue of an exposition of the tableware of the "Eiserne Helm" and the "Feldherren"-tableware in occasion of the 250 years jubilee of the Koenigliche Porzellanmanufaktur in Berlin.
29,95 €

Scarisbrick, Diana:
Portrait Jewels - Opulence and Intimacy from the Medici to the Romanovs.
London 2011.
In English language, 352 pages, with 356 illustration, of which 341 in colour, hard cover.

From the Renaissance onwards "portraits in little" of famous personalities - political, military, literary, artistic - as well as of private individuals have inspired goldsmiths and jewellers to design settings in precious materials to enhance their beauty and emphasize their significance for both donor and recipient. Sueviving rings, pendants, lockets, bracelets and objets de luxe set with cameos, intaglios, medals and miniatures show that the desire for these jewelled portraits was international, ranging from Lisbon to Moscow, from Stockholm to Naples, from London to Paris to New York. Yet while cameo and intaglio portraits, medals and miniatures have been extensively surveyed, their settings do not seem to have attracted the same attention.
Excellent special monograph! 48,00 €

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