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16183 New original Raffin hurdy-gurdy R 20/31 mini, manufactured by Raffin Drehorgelbau in Überlingen/Germany, width 48.5 cm, depth 24 cm, height 35 cm, weight 13.7 kg, 20 tones, with 20 wooden and 11 metal organ pipes in two registers (one can be switched off), wooden cabinet lacquered in green with polychrome painting, together with small presentation table, cherry wood, height adjustable, 5.5 kg, together with ten music rolls.

I 7'500,00 €

16184 Porcelain sculpture: Two galloping horses. By Albert Strunz, Porzellanmanufaktur Cortendorf (near Coburg), firm's mark on the base, 1950ies/1960ies, width 44.5 cm, depth about 14 cm, height 27.5 cm. No defects.

I-II 48,00 €

16185 Porcelain-sculpture: Bavarian Lion with shield. Design by Dominikus Auliczek, about 1767, Porzellanmanufaktur Nymphenburg, probably last quarter of the 2oth century, width 10 cm, depth 6 cm, height 20 cm, partly hand painted. No defects!

I-II 190,00 €
The price of a new piece (no. 02668) at the Porzellanmanufaktur Nymphenburg is at the moment € 620.00.

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